"one of the greatest privileges I had in my early music years"

Corey, taking drum lessons from you in my youth was one of the greatest privileges I had in my early music years. The fluidity and control you maintained at all times when playing never ceased to amaze me, but what I most valued about you as an instructor was your outstanding ability to take a challenging or new concept and break it down into something that even a child could begin to grasp.  

I've been ferociously pursing my dream of becoming a better drummer ever since I ceased taking lessons from you due to your departure 5 or 6 years ago from Seattle, and while I am not currently seeking to turn this endeavor into a full fledged career, it is and probably always will be my number one hobby thanks to the wonderful foundation in drumming you gave to me, as well as a deeper appreciate for music. Continue to positively influence the lives of the young people of New York and to bless those around with your music.

Matthew Kumasaka


Burien, WA

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