“…a musical sherpa.."

As a lifelong musician and now owner/engineer of a recording studio, IMHO, probably one of the most important decisions any budding performer is faced with is whom to mentor with; Corey is in a class by himself. He not only possesses the technical prowess and total expertise necessary to teach at any skill level, he also has the compassion and patience to make anyone feel positive, confident, and motivated. Learning to play an instrument, particularly one as physically challenging as drums or percussion, can be super frustrating and, at times, seem impossible. But Corey guides his students through and around these often daunting obstacles like a musical sherpa, with an energy and an approach that is all his own. Not only does he excel in communicating and instructing the concepts of fundamentals, theory, and rudiments, but he has the rare combination of also being passionate about and committed to music as an art form. His ability to bring out and nurture the creative talents and unique aspects of each individual is, to me, what makes Corey stand head and shoulders above the rest. He helps facilitate and encourages his students to listen, feel, and express themselves through their instrument; he connects with people not only as their teacher, but as a fellow lover of music and all of its wonderful possibilities. To be fair, there are many fine drum and percussion instructors available- but there is only one Corey Colmey.

Jeff Aderman

Recording Engineer/Studio Owner/Musician

Big Blue North Recording Studio

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