"outstanding performer and teacher"

Corey Colmey - an outstanding performer and excellent drum teacher. It is worth the effort to visit him at his Rome NY studio for lessons for beginner to expert.

Steve Buzinski

Copper City Productions 

Rome, NY

“his connection to any student that goes to him is incredible"

 He is THE ONE to go to if you are looking for an instructor! His knowledge and passion is unsurpassed and his connection to any student that goes to him is incredible! Corey is a true gift to our musical community!!

Tracy Hepler

mother or student

“we’re very lucky to have him"

 My son, Owen, has been taught by Corey for several months. Corey's an awesome drum instructor, encouraging, patient, and dedicated to his students. If you're interested in drumming for fun, or thinking of making a career out of it, I strongly recommend Corey. Corey is able to teach all age levels and instruct sight reading. Excellent teacher! We're very lucky to have him as our drum instructor!

Tammy Brown

mother of student

“has the ability to connect with students both young and old"

My oldest son has been Corey's student for 4+ years, and my youngest son for 1+ years. They have always loved music, but their appreciation for it has deepened since they began playing the drums. Corey is an excellent instructor who has the ability to connect with students both young and old. We would happily recommend him to anyone who has an interest in learning the drums.

Shannon Artigiani

Mother of student

Rome, NY

“…knowledgeable, patient and has already helped me immensely."

 I've been playing drums for 5 years and was looking to get to the next level and in just a couple of months studying with Corey I feel like I'm getting there. He's an excellent teacher, knowledgeable, patient and has already helped me immensely. I'd recommend any aspiring drummers (any experience level) to give Corey a call.

Joe D’Agostino 


Verona, NY

“not just a teacher, he is a true inspiration to my son."

Corey, is not just a teacher, he is a true inspiration to my son. Taking on a task to teach, is to prepare the student with the necessary tools, to over come obstacles and to reach their goals. My son has not only conquered his personal milestones, but he has set new ones. Corey is not just a teacher but a comrade. I highly recommend him!!!

Grace Altieri

Mother of student

Rome, NY

“….couldn’t ask for a better instructor."

Corey is an excellent drum instructor who has a wonderful rapport with his students.  He has his own way of teaching but can also help his students with their music from their individual schools.  He motivates his students to the best of their potential as was evident during the recital in July.  I couldn’t ask for a better instructor for my son and we are already listening to music for next year’s recital. 

Dawn Monette

mother of student

Sherill, NY

“It challenges him, but he has fun and thinks Corey is cool."

My son John is 11 he decided going into 7th grade he wanted to change instruments to drums. I put him in Coreys class to see if he could catch up being a yr behind. Not only did he catch up but he really excelled. He loves going to Corey’s class. It challenges him but he has fun and thinks Corey is cool. I think it's really building his confidence. 

David Ashley

Father of student

Rome, NY

“has a knack for tapping into one’s ‘inner drummer’…"

 After many years I revisited my passion for drumming and hooked up with Corey. He is a master teacher and has become a good friend. He takes the time to teach in a way that makes drumming fun and a great learning experience. Corey has a knack for tapping (pun intended!) into one's 'inner drummer'. I highly recommend Corey to anyone who's interested in any and all aspects of drumming! Kudos!!

Andrew Drozd


Rome, NY

“the smile I see after every lesson speaks volumes….."

 My son has been taking drum lessons with Corey for 8 months and the smile I see after every lesson speaks volumes to Corey's relaxed and nurturing teaching style. Corey is able to keep my son challenged and engaged week after week. I enjoy hearing him practice! The Rome Community is very blessed to have such a talented teacher sharing his love of music.

Alida Davis

mother of student

Rome, NY

“…a musical sherpa.."

As a lifelong musician and now owner/engineer of a recording studio, IMHO, probably one of the most important decisions any budding performer is faced with is whom to mentor with; Corey is in a class by himself. He not only possesses the technical prowess and total expertise necessary to teach at any skill level, he also has the compassion and patience to make anyone feel positive, confident, and motivated. Learning to play an instrument, particularly one as physically challenging as drums or percussion, can be super frustrating and, at times, seem impossible. But Corey guides his students through and around these often daunting obstacles like a musical sherpa, with an energy and an approach that is all his own. Not only does he excel in communicating and instructing the concepts of fundamentals, theory, and rudiments, but he has the rare combination of also being passionate about and committed to music as an art form. His ability to bring out and nurture the creative talents and unique aspects of each individual is, to me, what makes Corey stand head and shoulders above the rest. He helps facilitate and encourages his students to listen, feel, and express themselves through their instrument; he connects with people not only as their teacher, but as a fellow lover of music and all of its wonderful possibilities. To be fair, there are many fine drum and percussion instructors available- but there is only one Corey Colmey.

"one of the greatest privileges I had in my early music years"

Corey, taking drum lessons from you in my youth was one of the greatest privileges I had in my early music years. The fluidity and control you maintained at all times when playing never ceased to amaze me, but what I most valued about you as an instructor was your outstanding ability to take a challenging or new concept and break it down into something that even a child could begin to grasp.  

I've been ferociously pursing my dream of becoming a better drummer ever since I ceased taking lessons from you due to your departure 5 or 6 years ago from Seattle, and while I am not currently seeking to turn this endeavor into a full fledged career, it is and probably always will be my number one hobby thanks to the wonderful foundation in drumming you gave to me, as well as a deeper appreciate for music. Continue to positively influence the lives of the young people of New York and to bless those around with your music.

Matthew Kumasaka


Burien, WA

"..set the standard by which I measure all other drummers"

Corey Colmey set the standard by which I measure the quality of all other drummers.  I have been a musician colleague of Corey's for many years now. His abilities as a drummer and percussionist have always been top notch and his professional, relaxed demeanor makes working together a joy. Even as an experienced professional, I learn something new from Corey every time we work together. I highly recommend him as a drum instructor in any style of music for students of all ages!

Benjamin Wright


Brooklyn, NY

"immediately finds the emotional trajectory of the music"

Corey is one of the most talented musicians I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His intuition is informed by his deep knowledge music from around the world. His staggering technical proficiency is balanced by his remarkable sensibility and his attention to form. Corey immediately finds the emotional trajectory of the music and sculpts it to it's optimal awesomeness.

Luke Bergman


Seattle, WA

"...like a big brother to me"

Dear Corey, I know I haven't spoken to you in a while and I'm sorry for that. I am in the 8th grade now and I have become a great drummer with your help, so I wanted to say thank you. In the coming months I will be auditioning for the High School Band. Larry is going to help me with that like how you helped me before. I do apperciate how you send me  E-mails about your events and I wish I had gone to some of them. I hope things are going well for you. Keep on drumming.

P.S. You may or may not remember but my siblings are all sisters and you were like a big brother to me. That's why the last day I had you it was so hard to say good-bye. You are a great teacher, a great drummer and a great friend.

Timothy Gandley


Baldwin, NY

"...wonderful rapport with the students"

Our school, The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, was fortunate to have Corey Colmey on its music conservatory staff. His knowledge, professionalism, and wonderful rapport with the students encouraged them to succeed and advance quickly and eagerly. It was our pleasure to work with him.

Sandy Sudberg

Director of Music and Performing Arts

North Shore Hebrew Academy

"...changing the face of music in central NY"

Having a teacher of Corey's versatility and expertise is a tremendous boost a music program.  Corey is respected around the world and has connections to performers and teachers from literally every style of percussion. I can see Corey changing the face of music and specifically drumming in central New York.

Scott Rutledge

Director of Music

Holy Cross Academy

"...has a unique an effective way of teaching"

The City of Oneida Department of Parks and Recreation is thrilled to have forged a relationship with such a talented and diverse instructor such as Corey.  Corey has instructed a winter and spring african drumming program here at the Recreation Center.  Corey has a unique and effective way of teaching music to all ages, he is able to capture their attention and pass along his extensive knowledge of music to all  participants.  We look forward working closely with Corey on future music and culture programs.

Brandon Lovett

Director of Parks and Recreation 

City of Oneida

"..brought out enthusiasm and smiles amongst all"

The Staley YMCA Extended Day Program has been fortunate to have Corey come to our school this year to teach our children the African Drums. He worked with them weekly boosting their confidence as individuals and performers while also teaching them the basic skills of the art of African Drumming. Each week the kids and staff looked forward to Corey’s arrival and he brought out enthusiasm and smiles amongst all during each of his group lessons. He prepared them for 4 amazing performances this Spring that were huge accomplishments for the children he worked with, many of which have never played an instrument before let alone in front of an audience of their peers!  Corey is an excellent teacher and role model for the students that he works with! Our program looks forward to working with Corey more in the future!

Rhiannon Pysnik

School Age Child Care Director

Staley YMCA Extended Day Program

"exemplary in his performance as a teacher"

Corey Colmey taught private drum lessons at New World Music Center & School of Music. I found Corey to be exemplary in his performance as a teacher. His wealth of knowledge, positive attitude, problem solving skills, communication skills, and patience made him a very effective teacher. His students have been very pleased with his instruction and he worked well with students of all ages, levels, and abilities.  During his association with our school, Corey had always conducted himself in a very professional and responsible manner. He enriched many lives and I am proud to have had him associated with New World Music Center.

Michael Fincken

Director of New World Music Center

Baldwin, New York

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